Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quantum DXi7500 - stuff to learn

Being new to Quantum and to the de-duplication space I've been trying to increase my knowledge. I'm sure that's pretty evident from the link aggregation that I've been doing. Internally we've been adding people to our numbers (and are still hiring) and we've needed to get them trained. Recently we completed a Galaxy University where a senior architect went through the whole software stack. It was a fun walk through the history of the product and provided a great information exchange. While the session was recorded, it is proprietary and I cannot share it .... sorry. For those inside Quantum let me know if you are interested and I can provide a link.

However, you all can benefit from this “University” via the learning of one of our instructional designers. With the most recent release of DXi7500 there are some new courses available. There are courses directed at field support and resellers and an online “Operators Guide” course. This new course provides behind-the-scenes explanations for VTL, NAS and de-duplication functionality. It also has some great visuals and explanations of the de-duplication concepts. There are graphics to show how variable-length block de-duplication is accomplished and how the DXi software can perform both in-line and post-processing de-duplication. (Yes these graphics are also “secret” until you take the course, but I’m working on finding some good material that I can share.)

Take a look and see … maybe you’ll learn something. I know I did.

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