Monday, January 26, 2009

What I'm reading: Jeff Tofano - The Business Benefits of Deduplication

The Business Benefits of Deduplication

The Quantum CTO, Jeff Tofano, had an article published today at eBizQ. This article give a great overview of the evolution of de-duplication technologies and some considerations that people deploying this technology should take into consideration.

As a fun coincidence, I was chatting with Peter Cassidy this morning about the history of the Quantum de-dup backend, the block pool. Peter is the department manager for the Quantum team in Adelaide Austriallia. This team formerly known as Rocksoft brought the deduplication technology into the stroage worked from data security. They developed the de-dup techniques to deal with shipping around cryptographic signature files. They found that these files changes very rarely and they could use the blocklets(TM) concepts to only ship the changes over then network. This evolved into the dedup engine of the Quantum DXi product line.

It is good to have team meetings where you can find out these fun stories.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

DXi in German ...

Do you speak (or read) German? If so, check out the recent press release about a European tour of the Quantum DXi product line. This is pretty cool to see out products being toured around Europe. | Pressemitteilungen
Maye I can get invited next time? What do you say boss?